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Black Laminated Phenolic Plate

Item No.:ADB-  
Material: inorganic gel material+insulating layer+inorganic gel material
Total thickness:  20-50mm  
Black Laminated Phenolic Plate Packaging:10sheet/package air bubble
Place of Origin: Shanghai China
The Applications of Adphoam Glassy magnesium plate wall insulation:
Adphoam Glassy magnesium plate can be used as air duct panels, wall panels, ceiling board, fireproof board, waterproof board, boxes etc. It can replace the plywood as dado, doors, windows, panels, furniture etc. It can be processed into various types of board through coated with ready mixed paint, water paint. It is also applied to humid environments engineering such as basements, mines, and worked  as air duct for some solar radiant floor heating.
The Features of Adphoam Glassy magnesium plate insulation:
1. Economic and practicalHigh-grade glass magnesium plate is stable and reliable in quality, cost-effective, affordable and has  high performance of processing and installation. It can be pasted, cut, nailed, drilled, painted, planed etc, and can be handled easily. For its superior toughness, we can install conveniently by arbitrarily using   self-tapping screw, air stapler etc, and also can be installed through wet and dry hanging job.
2. Sound insulationGlass magnesium board has superior sound insulation performance to ensure the room environment quiet and elegant . Even the board is light and thin. A plate of 6mm thickness can insulate noise of 29dB.

3. Durable in useBy using scientific formula we have drastically solved the moisture absorption brine back problem of magnesite. The strength of glass magnesium board increases with time, and it is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali. The thermal expansion and contraction changes small, the shrinkage rate of ≤ 0.3%, the swelling rate of ≤ 0.6%, frost resistant to -40 ° C. Through a decade of test, glass magnesium board is still  durable, anti-aging.

4. Pest control and mildew proofGlass magnesium plate has the function of mildew proof, fungus proof, insect prevention and termite protection for its inorganic mineral powder material composition. So it is in line with Europe and the United States building materials mold standard.

5. Excellent fireproof effect: Glass magnesium board has good fireproof performance, it is noncombustible, even the temperature rose to 800 ℃, and there is no flames when the temperature is1200 ℃. It reaches the superlative fire noncombustible Level Class A1. As an Isolation System when compounded with high quality keel, it can resist the fire for more than 3 hours, and absorb large amounts of heat, then delay the increase of ambient temperature.

6. Water resistantThe property of glass magnesium board is steady all the time no matter placed in dry or moist environment. It will not affect by sweat or damp air, even when dip into water for several days and then took out for natural air drying, it will not be deformed or softened and still can be used normally. The board has the performance of no water permeability.

7. Light and aseismaticThe density of glass magnesium board is 0.8-1.2g/cm3, which reduce the building load, make the interior wall reduce weight with more than 60% , while increasing the use of an area of 5-8%. Light weight is conducive to seismic and can effectively reduce the cost of foundation and structure of the main body.
8. Thermal insulation Glass magnesium plate is uniformly porous and dense, with the characteristic of inorganic materials. With the thermal conductivity of 0.216w/cm · k, it is superior to sand-lime brick crave whose thermal conductivity is 1.1w/cm k. So by using glass magnesium plate, we can save much energy and make our building more comfortable with fresh air.

Solid Phenolic Board

Solid Phenolic Board Item No.: ADR-03  
Material: phenolic foam
Size:  1200×1000×800mm
Place of Origin: Shanghai China
The Features of Adphoam foam board insulation:
Adphoam block foam has the character of high flame retardant, low smoke release, changing to carbide with no dripping when running into a fire.It can resist high temperature of 1200℃. Its final product can help to save energy up to 50%~60%. It's service temperature is -60℃~150℃ with good stability and with low water absorption rate, such as the water absorption rate is below 3% after dipped in water for 24 hours. The block foam is produced with no freon, so it is a health and environmentally friendly materials. And at the same time ,it is acid and alkali resistance.
Specifications of Adphoam phenolic foam insulation board:
Item Unit Data
Density Kg/m3 ≥ 50
Thermal Conductivity (20℃) W/(m.K)

Water Absorption Rate %

Compression Strength (10%) Mpa

Pull Strength Mpa

Dimension Stability (25℃) %

Oxygen Index %

Max Smoke Density %

Service Temperature
-150 to150

Fire Test
core material Grade B1 of building material noncombustibility
  surface material Grade A of noncombustibility
Previous Product:none

AC Duct Insulation

Item No.: ADB-06    
Material: Aluminum Foil+Phenolic Foam Board+Steel Sheet
Thickness of Aluminum Foil:0.08mm    
Thickness of Steel Sheet:0.2mm
Total Thickness:  20mm/25mm/30mm  
Size: 4m(L) x 1.2m(w) /3m (L) x 1.2m(w)  
Packaging:10sheet/package air bubble
Place of Origin: Shanghai China
The Applications of Adphoam AC Duct Insulation:
The common applications of Adphoam PreInsulated Air Duct Panel with Aluminum Foil/Colored Steel Sheet are central air conditioning and ventilation units of industry buildings as well as civil andpublic buildings.
The Features of Adphoam insulated air conditioning duct:
By using the nonflammable colored steel sheet as the surface, the duct board is of good appearance, no corrosion, high strength and easy cleaning; embossed aluminum foil as the inner face, the duct board has the features of good air-tightness , reducing air leakage to reachenergy conservation effect. And most of all, the phenolic foam panel as thebase material, the whole duct board is fire-proof, water-proof, sound-proof aswell as toxicity and odor free.Users can save a lot of cost and keep health tochoose Adphoam product.

Thread a Scotch Tape Packing Machine

If you are planning on moving to a different location or just need to mail out some boxes, you may want to think about using a Scotch Tape packing dispenser machine. These devices use large rolls of tape and can easily and quickly be rolled across boxes, paper or any other item you would like to tape. The Scotch Tape dispenser does need to be threaded, but it only takes a moment of your time to do.
1 Pull a few inches of the tape off of the Scotch Tape roll. Do not cut it off of the roll though.
2 Slide the tape sticky part down through the small roller that is underneath the spiked tape cutter.
3 Keep hold of the loose tape and push the tape roll over the large circular dispenser.
4 Pull the strand of tape away from the roll up over the spiked cutters. The tape will now be ready to use for packaging and other tasks you need to complete with your Scotch Tape package machines dispenser.
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Filling and Plugging Machine Syringes

Plugging is done parallelly with filling.Multi points inspection with optical fiber sensors.Neither filling nor pluggin when syringe is missed
All product contact parts are of AISI 316L and medical silicon.
Actual working status can be displayed on touch screen with multi languages.
Rotating plunger pumps are driven with servo motor.Precision adjustment can be made on touch screen without any tools.Each plunger pump can be adjustable slightly.LAF is optional
  Technical Specifications
Filling Volume 0.5-100ml
Filling Head 4 heads
Capacity 1800-3600 Syringes/Hour
Sealing Method Pressure or Screw
Compressed Air 6kg/c 0.15/min
Power Supply 3P 380V/220V 50-60HZ 2KW
Overall Dimesions 1400*1000*2200mm L*W*H
Total Weight 750Kg 

How to Use a Scotch Tape Packing Machine

The Scotch packaging tape dispenser lets you dispense heavy-duty scotch packing tape with one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold the object you're taping, smooth it down, or fix any errors you make with the tape. Loading and unloading the dispenser is a matter of lifting the cover and placing in a roll of tape, or removing the old roll once it's spent. Using the dispenser itself to package goods is just as simple.
1 Lift the cover on the machine and make sure there's a roll of packing tape inside. The end of the tape should already be fed through the opening at the front of the cover, sticky side facing down toward the handle.
2 Close the cover. Grip the handle of the packaging machine and press the opening of the tape dispenser against the package where you want to begin dispensing tape.
3 Draw the packing machine smoothly back toward you, rolling it along the surface to be taped. Tape will dispense as you roll the machine; you can smooth the tape down with your hand, or press the taped surface down in front of the machine as it rolls to ensure smooth taping.
4 Draw the handle of the machine up toward you while pressing down on the front to cut the tape once you've reached the end of the surface to be taped.
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Pre Insulated Duct

Detailed Description of Pre Insulated Duct:
Adphoam Embossed Aluminum Foil Phenolic Air duct insulation board takes the phenolic foam as the basematerial and with embossed aluminum foil on both sides.
Item No.: ADB-03      
Material: Aluminum Foil+Phenolic Foam board+Aluminum Foil
Thickness of Aluminum Foil: 0.08mm    
Total Thickness:   20mm/25mm/30mm
Size: 4m(L) x 1.2m(w) / 3m (L) x 1.2m(w)    
Packaging:10sheet/package air bubble
Place of Origin: Shanghai China
The Features of Adphoam  Pre Insulated Air Duct:
The property of the aluminum foil is nonflammable,light,air-tight. As the surface of the duct board, it can provide the air duct systemwith nice appearance, no corrosion , easy cleaning and also no air leakage andexcellent conservation effect. When expose the product to fire,there will be no flame, give off nosmoke and no poisonous gas, the phenolic foam material changeinto carbide directly and with no dripping. This kind of product is economicand practical and will provide people with safe and comfort.